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Signifying Something is an interview and new music program hosted by Steve Flato. Its aim is to explore sounds that surprise us, challenge expectations, and lead us to question the definition of music itself. Each episode, a featured artist will present a unique piece of their work as the center of a conversation that touches on the piece's context, the creative process, and the artist’s goals and intentions.

May 12, 2017

id m theft able is a performer and improviser from Portland, Maine. He sits somewhere in between the areas of noise, free improvisation, sound poetry, and performance art by using voice, found objects, and electronics. He has given hundreds of performances across 4 continents in settings ranging from the scummiest of squats to the fanciest of festivals. Today he brings a voice-only improvisation called ‘Bout Half a Gallon of Dripped Weight Lo$$.


He and Steve Flato have their second conversation after Steve forgets to turn the recorder on the first time. They discuss id m theft able’s early experiences with tape recorders and shortwave radios without knowing other people were exploring similar areas; an experience with a music theory teacher and a lie about John Cage; his gradual movement from composition to improvisation; the idea of creating art as an inadvertent mating call; comedy in experimental music; subjectivity, emotion, and communication; self-esteem and using art as a tool to shape your self.




A Heart Named Spooky (OKCupid dating site album)

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16:00 - Arnold Schoenberg and the 12-tone row

16:12 - John Cage

16:30 - Imaginary Landscape #4

17:40 - Prepared piano

20:00 - Stockhausen - Sirius

20:45 - Fluxus

20:50 - Musique Concrete

41:45 - Flow psychology

55:35 - Alvin Lucier

56:40 - EAI